21 days lockdown started in India on March 25, 2020 to avoid Coronavirus spread. While the situation deteriorated across the globe, negativity started pouring in from all around. #21DaysOfPositivity started with the following note…


I couldn’t think of any better picture than the below one for being thankful!

Imagine a new skill that can be added to your profile, or an existing skill that you wanted to improve… Use the lockdown to upgrade yourself…

On this note, a scene from Rocky. Instead of jogging in an open area, practicing in Balcony…

Be Better Everyday!

While you are super pi$$ed about the entire situation, don’t forget that you are part of an historic year that will go down the history books 😛

Representing this thought in the form of Indian Postal Stamps….

So what were your hobbies?
What are your hobbies?

Another WFH week (and series of hangout/zoom meetings) starts in the next couple of hours…

Staying inside could also be dangerous! Be safe…

This one is for all the folks working from home…

You can keep a cricket league away from an Indian, but you can’t keep an Indian away from cricket….

This one is for all who are missing IPL or don’t give a damn to IPL, just miss some good old cricket….

Talking about work life balance and actually balancing work and life, are two different things….

Well, sab waqt waqt ki baat hai 

After the lockdown gets over –
While your unmarried friends will be talking about Game of Thrones, new Hollywood movies, kick-a$$ video games etc, you would probably have the following in your mind…

By the way, I am not complaining 

Today we complete 21 days of lockdown. While the lockdown has been extended till 3rd May, today is the last day of #21DaysOfPositivity and this doodle is the last thought of the series.

The first doodle was about being truly rich, and this one is about being truly educated!

In this tough time, lets be mindful about our behaviour and actions, and try to be ‘educated’ in the true sense….

With this note…

Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Positive!!

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