Mind your time

Constrained within four walls of your house, you generally tend to spend more time on social media. For most of us, this is the only escape that we have. While we all are under lockdown and have similar constraints of movement, the time still remains to be a very personal thing. There is no common right way to use time. 

Reading, blogging, exercising, cooking, watching news, chasing corona numbers or dreaming, whatever you are doing, just be a little mindful of your time. Because, unlike the financial bail-out, there will not be any compensation of the time you have spent arguing on a silly point over Twitter, or binge-watching a web-series, or completing a WhatsApp challenge. 

If you are still absorbing the harsh realities of this global pandemic and finding solace in binge-news watching, you should probably put your act together and come to terms with the new realism of the lockdown scenario. 

Yes! you are surprised, yes! you are pissed and more importantly, yes! you are overwhelmed by the rate of change around you. You can still manage to keep yourself away from all the mindless activities, and be mindful of your time. 

The next logical question is, what does it mean to be mindful of the time. And this is the question that you should ask yourself. There are two frameworks to measure that.

Imagine a situation that you have moved in the near future, say two weeks in the future, would there be anything that you would regret not doing two weeks earlier. Now try to Zoom into the future keeping the question the same. You will find some answers, but if you over-do this analysis, you will also end up being stressed about so many things that are not in your control, or stressed about human inability to visualize the future. 

The second framework is simpler than the first one. Just look for what makes you truly happy. Be the best judge of your true happiness. Don’t get influenced by the number of people doing some activity. Don’t do ROI analysis and pick the easiest way to ‘pass’ time. 

It is your time, spend it wisely. Mind your own time.

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