What I’m doing now

(This is a Now page, and if you have your own website, you should also make one)


Writing down my thoughts in the form of 100 Days of writing. As on July 2021 beginning, 35 Days are done.

Loving this exercise so far.

Converting some articles into blog-posts – Just Blogs

Stories for kids about Climate Change

Working on a project to write stories for kids about climate change.

Gajju Raja Short Stories

Published two ebooks in 2020.

Updated April 2, 2021

Earlier Content of NOW page is available below

Basic Set-up done, now what?

The basic site is up, and I have posted some of my work already here. Now I am thinking about the next step. No concrete direction yet.

Social Media

I recently started my journey on instagram (@abcbyritesh) and posting pics etc regularly on FB and Insta.

Art Work

Creating Nostalgic 90s series as on now.

Updated May 2, 2020

Setting up HOME

Yes. I am finally setting up a home for all my creative pieces. I wrote my first blog more than a decade back. I did blogging for fairly long time on Then I ventured into short-stories, both in Hindi and English, on and orkut posts. I recently started trying my hands on doodling/sketching.

Setting up my own website has always been in my to-do list. Finally, I got enough motivation to start building it. ABCbyRitesh is an attempt to, finally move away from all rented houses (different platforms) and set-up a home.

I am fairly new to this exercise. If you find any issue in the website, or if you have any suggestion for improvement, please drop me an email at

PS: Special thanks to Derek Sivers for inspiration and suggestion to set-up a website of my own.

Just Blog

Setting up a dedicated corner for blogs in my new home. Unlike doodling, blogging is my old hobby. Starting with some new blogs for now. I am also planning to revisit and publish some old blogs again on this platform.

Here is the way to reach Just Blogs


Finished #21DaysOfPositivity doodle drive recently. The details are here.

Updated April 18, 2020