You can find details of all my creative projects here. And, Yes, the site is plain on purpose.

Quick Introduction

I am an optimist who tend to be hopeful of being a good artist (blogger / story-teller / doodler) one fine day. I am capturing my journey here.

On a side note, I hail from Rajasthan and have been living in Bangalore for more than 10 years. Doodling, reading, blogging, watching movies and changing hobbies are my hobbies.

What’s up NOW?

Inspired by famous author, Derek Sivers, I have captured my current thoughts and ongoing projects in my now page.

Contact Me

Instagram handle: @abcbyritesh

Latest Posts

90s Rock

Drawings and sketches of 90s iconic cartoon characters

Situational Doodles

Just random but situational stuff.

Mind Your Time

It’s blogging time! Are you being mindful of your time?

How to create great doodles?

How to create great doodles and sketches?


While the entire nation is in lockdown, I am trying to remain sane by doodling daily sketch.


Started as a personal challenge to explore doodling for 100 days. Though the intention was to create at least 1 doodle per day, there were some blank days in between. 100 Doodles drawn between Nov 9, 2019 and Mar 17, 2020 are captured here